Six basic tips for visiting the Amazon

The biological wealth and the mysterious beauty of the Amazon make this destination one of the most desired by world travelers. Thousands of unique species live in the Amazon, which is the largest remaining area of ​​tropical forest in the world. In Ecuador, the Amazon is one of the four existing natural regions. It comprising […]

Huaorani: the kings of the jungle

The Waorani (or Huaorani) are one of the Ecuadorian indigenous nationalities living in the Ecuadorian Amazon. A valuable ethnic group that has maintained its traditional culture and way of life, despite many external threats, such as the expansion of oil activity in their territories and colonization. Although the term “Aucas” (which in Quechua means “barbarian […]

Safe vacation in the jungle? Of course!

Shrouded in rumors of shrunken heads, man-eating anacondas and blowgun darts with poison-tipped, the mere mention of the words “Amazon jungle”conjures up frightening images, even among the more adventurous travelers. But beyond all the mystery and myth, the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle owns one of the most friendly for the traveler who wants to explore a […]

Ecuador, awarded as the best green destination 2016

Ecuador has just been awarded a new award that confirms him as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Awarded by the World Travel Awards , the country received the award for “Best Green Destiny World 2016”, considered by many as the Oscar of tourism. This award, the country earns second consecutive year, […]

Community tourism is strengthened in the Amazon

For over 20 years, the indigenous communities in the Amazon , located in the Napo, maintain a network of community-based tourism which allows visits to the jungle, with a focus on knowledge and respectful interaction with the environment. Endowed with enormous natural and cultural wealth, these communities have found a way to welcome visitors, guide […]