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Limoncocha Biological Reserve
2 nights 3 days

The Amazonian fauna of the Limoncocha Biological Reserve has the distinctive feature of presenting a high level of biodiversity, but with a low population density that remains constant. The lagoons are rich in wildlife, especially in terms of birds, with more than 460 species identified, many of which are endemic to the Reserve area.

The herpetofauna of the area is no exception in terms of its diversity; The Limoncocha lagoon contains a large amount of grass on its banks that are the preferred habitat for amphibians and reptiles. The fish also share this habitat, all of which are harvested for food by the Quichuas of the area.

Encounter in the city of coca – Francisco de Orellana 7 Am, then we take a transport to move to the Biological Reserve of Limón Cocha arriving approximately in an hour and 30 minutes where we will be located in the hotel and then we move with the guide to the lagoon to see during the day the reserve flora and fauna, at midday a cold lunch then a walk in the jungle of two hours we return to continue enjoying the lagoon watching many birds and doing sport fishing of piranhas and watch the fall of the afternoon and already in the night to look at alligators then we left the reserve and dinner then dinner.

We get up at 5 in the morning a light breakfast in the canoe and heading to the Yasuní National Park by the Napo River approximately one hour 30 minutes and then to watch the birds in the Yasuní salt flat next we go to the 30 meters high lookout In the Yasuní park to look at the nature and if possible animals and birds, we return to the canoe and go to a “saladero” to see if you can see animals and parrots a walk of about 30 minutes after returning a cold lunch and then visit the community of Ñangu where they will give us cultural demonstrations and the experiences of the indigenous people of the area, then we continue in the canoe to the community of Indillama where we will spend the night, a night walk and dinner, rest

Breakfast at 8 in the morning followed by a three-hour walk to see the flora and fauna return to lunch and then departure to Pompeii where we will take the transport to get to Coca


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