For over 20 years, the indigenous communities in the Amazon , located in the Napo, maintain a network of community-based tourism which allows visits to the jungle, with a focus on knowledge and respectful interaction with the environment.

Endowed with enormous natural and cultural wealth, these communities have found a way to welcome visitors, guide them in the observation of flora and fauna, teach them about the culture, and let them share in the life of communities, without affecting the environment and the daily life of the inhabitants.

The community ecotourism network is based on a proposal of self managed and alternative programs that are developed in each of the communities that comprise it. Aware of working in one of the “seven wonders of the world”: the Amazon, the villagers prioritize respect for natural resources and assessing existing cultures there.

In tours of two to four days, visitors can tour the following communities: Capirona, Rio Blanco, Runa Wasi, Chuva Urku, Wasila Talag, Machakuyaku and Pacto Sumaco, Sinchipura, Alukus and Limoncocha. In each one you will find attractive and different proposals.

Alukus: It is located within the reserve Llanganates National Park , an hour by car from Tena. The visit to holy places, butterfly watching, the purifying baths in amarum, Kachi and Alukus waterfalls and hiking in the nearby mountains and jungle, are some of the options offered by the visit to this community.

Chuva Urku: Rest, scientific research and the opportunity to visit a community located in primary forest: that’s Chuva Urku . An hour by car, 45 minutes by motor boat to an hour’s walk along the path, is this beautiful Amazon community, visited by many students who perform scientific studies. The cabins accommodation overlooks the river Cusano, outside. There you can enjoy the silence of the jungle and organize walks to places like the viewpoint of Chuva Urku river, the giant tree “Ceibo” and the cave of supernatural spirits “Supay Uktu”.

Santa Elena: Located within the Limoncocha Biological Reserve , this community is seven hours by bus from Tena nine from Quito. Still, watching alligators and relaxation are some of the options for travelers visiting this area. In Limoncocha you can see a rich fauna: reptiles, birds, amphibians, black caimans and alligators live in this habitat glasses.

Machakuyaku: In this community, located 45 minutes from the city of Tena, visitors can live with a Kichwa family, learn their habits and practices (meal preparation, the work of agriculture, medicine, oral traditions, making crafts, etc). Of course, visitors should be respectful of the times, routines and beliefs of the people who welcome in their homes. The community has a natural pool, whose waters are attributed healing properties, especially for skin diseases. Also, being framed in a secondary forest, you can hike and animal watching. Alternatively, take a healing bath in the waterfalls of cans or go tubing on the Napo River.

White River: This is a community known for having orchards, whose medicinal plants used for healing ceremonies practiced by shamans. Indigenous nationality of kicwhua allow visitors to join in their daily activities and participate in agricultural and domestic labor. Located one hour by car, 25 minutes by motor boat to 2 or 3 hours will walk from Tena , this community also offers the possibility of staying in huts overlooking the river Humabuno or take a purifying bath in the waterfall Anaconda.

Rua Huasi: Located along the Napo River (1 hour by car and 25 minutes by motorized canoe from Tena), in this community, visitors can hike through the jungle and participate in the daily life of families, which is They are settled in front of the cabins for lodging, in a small island on the opposite bank. Another option for tourists who come to visit the Rua Huasi is Animal Rescue Center “The Amazon”, for tours by canoe, practice sports, fishing or tubing in the river.

Sinchipura: In this community options for visitors passing through the adventure activities, extreme sports on the river and the possibility of living for a few days, with the natives of the area. 25 minutes by car and 10 minutes walk from the city of Tena, Sinchipura has natural spas and sports fields. Tourists can stay in ecological cabins, located near Kichwa families, on the banks of Jatun Yaku river. Also, hiking up the petroglyph Puma Rumi until Pasu Urku natural viewpoint, from where you can see the Sumaco volcano. You can also live with a Kichwa family and share the daily life of families in the area. If you love adventure, you can go rafting and kayaking.

Wasila Talag: Located 35 minutes drive from the city of Tena, this community offers relaxation and conviviality visitors. The waterfalls and the blue lagoon “Waysa Yaku” are beautiful sites you can access after short walks through the jungle. Other options are: Wasila climb the mountains and walking along the banks of the river Napo . The visit to the Bilingual Community Learning Centre will allow visitors to become familiar with the Kichwa writing, playing sports with the youth of the community and live with families in the area. The cabins are situated accommodation on the edge of Talag River, 500 meters from the community.